1. The operating rules of the campsite apply to the space allocated for tents, caravans and utility areas of the campsite, of which the operator is Camp Velo s.r.o., Vratěnín 92 , ID No.: 18041256
  2. Only persons who duly registers at the reception desk located at the entrance to the campsite, present an identity card and pay the accommodation fee (further Guest) may stay in the campsite.
  3. A booking that has been confirmed by the Operator may be cancelled or modified by the guest without a cancellation fee till 60 days before the announced arrival date.
  4. Unless otherwise arranged, the check-in time is from 17:00. The guest is obliged to leave the accommodation unit no later than 10:00. of the last day of the stay. If the Guest fails to meet this deadline, the Operator is entitled to charge the price of accommodation for the next day.
  5. Guests who check in before 6:00  are obliged to pay the price for the whole night.
  6. The guest pays for the accommodation in advance.
  7. Guests staying at the campsite are obliged to keep the campsite clean and tidy. They may only bivouac and park vehicles in designated areas. They are obliged to observe the ordinances of the Vratěnín municipality and the ordinance concerning the sanitary protection zone of the water source.
  8. Guests are obliged to put municipal waste only in designated containers in designated places. Other waste is not allowed to be deposited anywhere in the entire camping area.
  9. From 22:00 to 8:00 night-time quiet hours need to be respected. During cultural events, the night-time quite hours are from 1:00 a.m. till 8:00 a.m.
  10. Campfires are allowed only after agreement with the Operator and only in places reserved for this purpose and properly marked by the campsite operator.
  11. Cleaning and maintenance of vehicles is strictly forbidden in the whole area. Parking of vehicles in the sanitary protection zone of the water source, even for a short time, is only allowed if an Oil and Leak Drip Pan , provided by the Operator, is placed under the motor part of the parked vehicle.
  12. All visitors and persons staying on the campsite may park motor vehicles only in designated areas, subject to the consent of the campsite operator. The operator of the campsite reserves the right to tow away any car parked in breach of this agreement, i.e. in a place not designated for parking, subject to consent.
  13. The maximum speed on the premises is 5km/h.
  14. In the whole of the camping area, the use of own beer and limo taps is prohibited, including the consumption of own draft beer.
  15. The guest is liable for damages caused to the property of the accommodation provider according to generally binding regulations.
  16. For safety reasons it is not allowed to leave on the premises children unaccompanied by an adult.
  17. Dogs must always be on a leash in the campsite. It is advisable to walk pets outside the premises, or it is necessary to keep the campsite tidy after them!
  18. The Operator is only liable for money, documents or other articles if these were given in custody. For items left loose elsewhere the Operator is not liable.
  19. Each guest acknowledges that the campsite area is monitored by the campsite operator’s CCTV system and therefore each guest hereby acknowledges and agrees that he/she may be monitored by this CCTV system.
  20. By paying for the accommodation or ticket, the guest declares that he/she has been informed of these Operating Regulations.
  21. These Operating rules are binding for all persons present on the camping site. Any person who violates these Operating Rules will be banned from the camping site without refund. In the event of damage or destruction of the Operators equipment, a minimum amount of 500 CZK or the real cost of the damage will be recovered from the person.
  22. In case of early termination of the stay by the Guest, the Operator will, only on the basis of a medical report, refund the money.
  23. The guest is obliged to comply with Decree No. 4/2021 of Vratěnín, otherwise he/she may be evicted and agrees that his/her vehicle may be towed at his/her expense.
  24. The guest agrees to the taking of occasional photographs or recordings, e.g. at cultural, social or sporting events, provided that no records of natural persons are created or other personal data are systematically associated with the persons depicted or recorded. The photographs or recordings taken will only be used for the operator’s marketing purposes.
  25. The visitor to the campsite agrees to provide the personal data necessary to record the accommodation and declares that he or she has provided this data voluntarily.
  26. Guests are not allowed to enter private areas of the premises.

These Operating Rules of the campsite are valid from 1.5.2024

Irena Boving
Managing Director

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