We would like to welcome you to our new family campsite designed for recreation, or just to rest overnight for cyclists or motorcyclists on a long journey. There is plenty of room for travellers with a small tent, bigger tents for family vacations, caravans and motorhomes.

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You will find here clean sanitary facilities, a small kitchen, electricity connections, storage for bikes, a motorhome holding tank dump station, disposal point for toilet waste and sanitary facilities for guests with reduced mobility.

My husband and I built the campsite in a former military compound on a beautiful location on the former Iron Curtain. It lies on the cycle paths 5220EV13GW Prague-Vienna  Vranovsko.  Additionally there are plenty of signal roads (paved roads for former border guards) that can be used for cycling.

Swimming is possible in the pond next to the campsite, or in the Dyje River 3 km away, and last but not least the Vranov lake.

Hiking enthusiasts will also be satisfied. There is a pleasant hiking trail Grasel Vratěnín, which leads through the nature reserve  White Cross along the river Dyje. History lovers can visit the picturesque town of Vratěnín, the nearby Uherčice Castle, Vranov nad Dyjí, Bítov Castle, the ruins of Cornštejn Castle, neighbouring Drosendorf, Slavonice…

For trips or just for a ride it will be possible to rent a PONY4, a 4-wheel bike with or without electric assist, www.pony4.bike.  


Fresh bread can be ordered for breakfast at the campsite. In the evening, we open a snack-bar.

A wider range of groceries and essentials can be purchased at the shop in nearby Vratěnín and for a substantial lunch or dinner you can visit nearby Uherčice or Drosendorf.

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